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The Small Details

"Everything. From the beginning to the end."

Location, venue, decoration, catering, wedding invitations, everything!

We co create every little detail with you throughout the whole process: we decide on everything together and, once we start planning, we’ll keep you posted at all times in order to ensure that everything goes according to your expectations. Finally, when the weeding day arrives, we’ll be there to make sure that it turns out perfect, and also because we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

About Silvia...

Hello, I'm Silvia.

I will be your first contact and will assist you during the whole preparation. 

You can count on me to make the wedding-planning process entirely stress-free.


I will take care of everything, from finding the venue to the selection and negotiations with suppliers, budgeting and coordination on the day.

I will also create a bespoke atmosphere and decor for your wedding.


My attention to details, reactivity, availability and creativity will be put at your service to create the wedding of your dreams.

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